I was tagged by Lei on Instagram but I thought of posting it here for fun (also, hello lengthy paragraphs!)
1.) I have entered the pretentious “Back to Basics, Less is More, Simple = Classy” phase. I have veered into wearing more neutral colours. I still like the occasional POP of neon every now and then, but mostly it’s the neutrals that I pile on my shopping bag (and body). This has affected everything, even my choice of bed sheets and make-up.
2.) One of my worst pet peeves is waking up to find out that my nail polish was ruined in my sleep. I hate it. It makes me feel gross and dirty when I look at them.
3.) Whenever I find out that my favourite photo editing app has new available presets, I won’t be able to sleep until I get them. Which also explains how I consider iTunes cards to be a necessity.
4.) As much as I love Hip-Hop and R&B, I hate that most of it’s lyrics are about Sex and Booty and Sex and Booty and Sex and Booty and Sex and Booty. Also, Sex and Booty.
5.) It’s been weeks since I last played Covet, Kim Kardashian : Hollywood and Sims. And I am not even worried…not even about my Horses.
Okay now I am.
6.) I’ve been hoarding books these days. But I never make time to read them. And I hate myself for it.
7.) Sometimes I think about getting a Liposuction.
8.) I will always be proud of the fact, and I will say this shamelessly – of how many times people mouthed the words “Heart” when I pass by or enter a room or whatever. I will always be proud of that fact because I love her endlessly.
9.) I am in love with my job. I thank God everyday for blessing me with it.
10.) As if it isn’t obvious enough, Candice Swanepoel is my bodspiration.
11.) I’ve considered getting a tattoo of Max’s crown (from Where the Wild Things Are) on my nape. Aside from the idea of getting my Mom’s name in Arabic, it’s been months since I had this idea and I haven’t hated it yet.
12.) Apparently, when I was 6, I had the biggest crush on Romnick Sarmienta.
13.) Deep down, I know one day soon Mindy Kaling and I will be the bestestest of friends, because irregardless, we both know what it is like to feel sadliness. 
14.) With that being said, UGHHHHHHH CHRIS MESSINAAAAAAAAAAA is driving me nuts.
15.) I have Five words for you : Hermès Birkin, Cartier Love Bangle.
16.) Three more words for you : Christian Louboutin Pigalle.

17.) Two more words for you : Chanel 2.55

18.) I’ve been denying it all this time but I can finally admit to myself that I…am a spoiled little brat.

19.) I tried to apply as a Flight Attendant and got rejected twice thanks to my height. After this heartbreaking experience (bearing in mind all the things that happened in my life), it was my first time to question God – asking Him why He didn’t find it in Himself to give me just 5 more centimetres to reach the minimum requirement. It was one of those painful moments of rejection because I’ve always dreamed of being a Flight Attendant, it was one of the things I’d answer as a child when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Deep down I will always be bitter about it, and I won’t be a hypocrite to deny that. But I am slowly learning and realising that He has placed me in the right place. God will ALWAYS give you what is best for you. He always does. Because what’s best for “everyone else” isn’t what’s best for you.

20.) Almost on a daily basis, I tend to forget that both my Grandmother and Mom are no longer here.

Everyday, a tiny crack forms in my heart as soon as I remember this reality.

I am tagging anyone else who’d like to do this. Mention me if you do!