They say “Happiness is a choice” but there comes a time in your life when its not even an option. It was rudely scratched off the list by people around you. How inconsiderate. Thank you.
So what do you do in circumstances like that, where it feels like the end? Do you just give up all together? Do you have the right to say “This is it”, does it entitle you to end it all… including your will to live?
It comes to “What am I doing here”. There isn’t even a reason why. You come up with nothing. There is nothing there. There is no one there. You stand in the middle of a crowd feeling more alone. Worse than that damned fog town we all know as Silent Hill. The ghosts and monsters are in your head. Which is worse.
People don’t even notice your eyes are all red, or puffy…  What’s the point anyway. If they do… what will change? Your life is still crap. Crying isn’t even considered “healthy”, because they are consistent and disregarded (silent) pleads of help. You are the only one wiping them off of your cheek. Oh God, Mother… where are you. If you were here it would have been tolerable.

In the future, would this even make sense? If this works or not… would it make sense?

How much more should one person give? How many people asked this question before? Did they get their answers? Were they good? If they weren’t…were they able to survive it? Go past it?