(a.k.a. Things I chose not to say on Twitter due to unnecessary Timeline flooding, also 140 characters. Thoughts gathered on a daily, maybe weekly basis. VERY random.)

It is a lethal combination when you are Selfish and also a Coward.

When Sheryl Crow wrote “If it makes you happy”, did she really know what she was saying?

I like that throbbing feeling in my head when I’m Tipsy, bordering Drunk.

Do you miss me yet? No? Okay.

Having a body restricts me. I want to get out of it and fly free.

Were things ever really simple? People say “I miss when days were simpler”. I think they never were. We just didn’t know how to look at the bigger picture.

So do you miss me yet? No? Okay.

How is it only Tuesday?

Ignorance is comforting sometimes. I’m really siding with whoever said it’s bliss. It really is. Imagine not knowing shit. Ugh, beautiful.

How is it only Wednesday?

Why are my cuticles always dry? Aren’t my Hand Cremes and Lotions hydrating enough?

You know what I should do? I should get another bottle of the Amande Oil, pour a little on a travel-sized spritzer and use it instead of lotion.

Ugh, dry cuticles are gross. Dry hands are gross.

I just want a Big Mac. I’ve been wanting one since the other day. Why do I have to wait until the weekend to get a Cheat Meal. My body needs the Burgers. It needs three of them stuffed in my belly.

So, you miss me yet? No? Okay.

I just found out that Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from her Hubbs. And that happened last year. This’ll sound mean but I called it!!!!

I really want to get drunk tonight, and every night for the rest of my life until it becomes the cause of my Death.

There were several days this week where I switched off my phone (that has my Internet Sim) and I felt VERY relieved to be disconnected from Cyberspace. I would probably be doing it more often now.

I had a Vertigo attack today.

Ugh, my head aches.

I want a Big Mac.

I really enjoyed recording my first Podcast. And I love that I was confident enough to publish it without SFX or not even correcting my grammatical errors. I’m loving this attitude, Abs. You should keep it up.

I saw Nacho Libre a couple of times this week. I missed it. I miss┬ámy Kidlat peops who we saw the movie with at the Cinema back in College. Those were good days. I literally bawled at the scene where Ignacio “baptised” Esceleto. Ugh. I’m watching it again when I get home.

It’s finally Thursday YAY.

I already have a topic for my next Podcast. I was hoping people would suggest what I should talk about, but of course people don’t give a shit. LELZ.

I want a Lumee iPhone Case.

Do you miss me yet? Obviously not.

I hate you.

I really hate you.

Okay I don’t.

I wish the words “On Fleek” and “On Point” never surfaced in the English Language. I cringe every time people say it. Like when they say “Bash” … among other things.

I don’t know how to feel facing the reality that the moment you open yourself up to people, they leave. Every single time. Thank you. I know you’re concerned. But what’s the use if you’re not going to stick around anyway. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times. PEOPLE. ALWAYS. LEAVE. There really isn’t anything you could do or say to change that. Letting people in only leads to disappointment. How about we all skip to the part where I isolate myself from all of you.

Like that’s going to change anything.

It’s too late, really.

I am way past the saving point.