Vlogging has been something I’ve done (… erm, been doing?) for the past, say, 8,9 years. I’m not as active compared to Blogging though, but that’s because it takes a lot of time and effort and dedication to maintain a Vlogging / YouTube Channel, and you’re supposed to actually “have a life” for your channel to be successful. But that isn’t always the case (and it shouldn’t be), So if you’re not really into that, but would like to share a piece of your life on the intarwebz, well then you’re just like me (we are categorised as the “Anything Goes Club”, welcome to the family, by the way). And wow, this post is making me miss Vlogging. Maybe I should make another boring one soon in a new Channel under this Blog (best idea you’ve had since October of last year, Abudhab).

Anyway — over the years I have come across YouTube Channels I ended up falling in love with. Some of the owners of these channels are actually my friends (lucky me!), so thought I’d share some of my favourite videos in their channels, with the exception of Niga Higa and D-Trix because, well, there’s no need to. They will always be a given, lelz. Surely, there are still some of the people in this list you already know.

1.) MEGAN BATOON. I’m sure you know her, but UGH, I can’t help it, I had to put her on this list because the love I have for this woman is ETERNAL. And she is freakin’ proud of her Filipino Heritage and she cooks Pancit! And is 1/2 of my OTP (Megan, just blink once if you see this to let me know that you and Ian are still together and just keeping it low key. It’ll be our little secret, I promise). Whenever I get the blues, I head on to her channel and watch her videos. Sure cure.

2.) UNO DOMINGO. Uno and I have known each other for a couple of years now, we met through common friends and he’s so much fun to have around, if you’ve seen his videos, know that that’s who he really is, no pretensions. This video, he shot with our friend Yousuf (who I’ve mentioned a number of times in some of my entries), who is of Pakistani descent and is very familiar to the Filipino culture (so familiar, hat he actually speaks our language, guys … fluently). But like them, I have failed you, Philippines – I know only two words out of all the ones mentioned. Ha.

3.) HEART DEFENSOR. Who I actually discovered through Uno and our friend, Areej. I haven’t seen a lot of her videos yet, but she’s such a joy to watch. I came across a Periscope streaming she did with her beau, and I was an instant fan. I mean, how can you not love her, being so adorable and upbeat! She’s got amazing tutorials too! So pretty.

4.) CORINTH SUAREZ. So thankful for all the link-ups I’ve been joining, it’s allowed me to come across really cool people like Corinth, and it’s not just her blog I a-d-o-r-e, but her YouTube channel as well (her travel videos are so pretty, and such pick-me-uppers!). Check out this super cute GRWM video. What I love most about her is she doesn’t try too hard (at all, even). She’s just naturally this precious.

5.) TEY FORONDA. Tey was one of my school mates in the MidEast. She moved to the U.K. with the rest of her family soon after high school. She’s got a ton of fun stuff on her YouTube channel (there are some awesome covers in there too, by the way). I’m a fan of her Brother as well who is an awesome singer. It runs in the blood, her sister Lei also sings  Look at this super cute and funny video of her trying a Korean Snail Mask with her friend Nikki, lelz! Sobrang benta saakin eh.

6.) ASCIA AL-FARAJ. (a.k.a. 1/2 of “THE HYBRIDS”), who I discovered through my friends Honey and Sem. Ascia is not just Instagram famous anymore, she’s pretty much conquered all of Social Media. I’ve been a fan of hers for years, even before she married Ahmad (who is also eye candy, MashaAllah). They haven’t made any new Vlogs yet (which are my most favourite videos up on their channel), but check out the latest video they uploaded. SO CUTE. Ascia is so adorable. I should emanate her gracefulness. But I’ll never be that refined. Maybe I should try this year. Lelz.

7.) SAAB MAGALONA. I know how much God loves me because He blessed me enough to be friends with this Woman. We met when we were both finalists during Seventeen Magazine’s second Model Search in 2005 (she was 15 then, my goodness), and we’ve been in touch ever since and would occasionally meet whenever I’m back home. What else is there for me to say about Saab. She’s everything you’d want in a friend and is always an inspiration. I love and have seen all her videos, but I can’t stop watching her channel’s Welcome Video! Look how awesome. I feel so stupid saying all these amazing things about Saab when the rest of the World already knows it (I miss you, Fuckstain!). Also, Saaby will always be one of my favourite bloggers forever. I’m sure you’ve been to her slice of the intarwebz, right?

Let me know what your favourite YouTube channels are, would love to discover more people to follow, para ma-inspire naman ako to Vlog sometimes kahit baduy ako. Haha!