During an adult conversation I had last night with my adult friends (funny I should mention that we used to talk about The OC and how my two teenage guy friends ended up crying, watching Seth sail off to nowhere at the end of Season 1…I will not name drop because they will strangle me, but the transition from that to what I’m about to write about is quite amusing), I got to thinking about how different our notions were when it came to the Carpe Diem-ish lines the children of this generation choose to live by.
I was told that I’m “missing out” when they found out that I have only been in an “intimate relationship” less than 3 times. But I am proud of myself for that. I’m a self-confessed Prude. I’m not a Saint, but yes, a Prude. Not in terms of having fun, I’m not stuck up like that, not exactly honorable too (goodness, no). I mean when it comes to principle, and sticking to what I was raised to keep, yes, I am a Prude. 
Contrary to this, they are partly right. I am missing out. I know I’ve never experienced “The Walk of Shame”, or waking up the next day with no trace of the events that took place the night before, or having the intense need to “bolt out as soon as I’m done”. But there are things in life you might just want to miss out on. Am I making sense? 
And then it came to a point where one’s knowledge on sex gets poked at. As cheesy as this sounds, when you’re with someone you have intense feelings for – the chemistry and connection will always be there, regardless of what you do, or don’t. That’s the thing about the other kind of sex, the “making love” kind. Where do you don’t really have to try much. You just go with the flow, and you’d still end it with fireworks.
There’s nothing wrong with busting out a move in the middle of the dance floor, drink in one hand, screaming out YOLO or YOYO, or whatever you choose to say, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing your limits too. Its not being KJ, not at all – its knowing that you’re also responsible for what you do to yourself, to your body, to your life. That’s the whole point of “living once”. Don’t do anything that will wreck that. Life is shit sometimes, but regardless – its still a gift, and not that I’m going all holy on you, but it came with a very high price, something you can never pay for. Use your freedom, but do so responsibly. 
I remember having these conversations with my Mom in the past, I mentioned something to her that I wanted to try, and she said “Go ahead, as long as you know your limit”.
There’s always a limit. Don’t think that its there to restrict you, but its there to keep you alive. Its there to make you stay the same person that you are even if your experiences and the new things you try constantly change you. Life’s no mathematical equation. There are no exceptions, you can’t pull off a Cady Heron saying “The limit does not exist”.
Keep that in mind.
So yes, last night – in my prim and proper ways, in my green dress, I single pump fisted, jumped, and pa-Virgined my way to Superbass and Pursuit of Happiness. That darn DJ kept playing all the good songs it was so hard not to dance. I was dressed for dinner at Barcino, didn’t think I’d end up at The Urbn (you guys have to check it out, its amazing).
And that to me, my friends, is making the most out of life. It doesn’t always have to be grand like shooting yourself off a cliff in the middle of nowhere, sometimes its the little things. 
Like asking to have a photo taken with Kean Cipriano, only you’re kissing him on the cheek.